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The Mole III

Ron Raye

July 2023 9780980045277

204 pages

A couple resigns themselves to the fact that life only offers pain and disappointment.
Man becomes a beast cast out from the paradise of redemption.
A young woman believes that a person must die at least twice in one lifetime to understand the secret of life.

You, the hollow shadow
that haunts me.
You, the evil being that invented me
to eat your failure.
You attempt to diminish me
that lies at the core
of this republic.
The sin of what you are
upon your children's hearts
this evil mark
you can't erase.

The unthinkable seed of cruelty
has been planted, and dark
whispers of the soul begin to ask
hard questions.

The Mole Book III, by Ron Raye, is the third book in the fascinating The Mole series. This particular collection of poems centers on engaging themes of survival, human nature, and betrayal, among others. The book starts with an intriguing introduction where the author talks about a character, who may or may not be fictional, who he claims was his brother. Following the character's death, the ghost continues to haunt him, the author, even though he is not responsible for the brother's untimely death.
Ron Raye is a true master of poetry, and this book showcases his exceptional talent. As someone who has recently developed a love for poetry, this book is one of the best I have read. I highly recommend it to poetry enthusiasts and anyone looking for a fascinating and thought-provoking read.

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