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The Mole IV.: Possessor

Ron Raye

July 2023 9781739146016

481 pages

The poet gives his view of the world through a series of love poems he addresses to a phantom lover or a woman he admires, who may or may not be real. But most of what he feels about the world, its politics, and social and civil structure are seen through the poet's and phantom's eyes.

By Starbucks, I passed.
They were all gathered there.
Mostly young women staring
through windows made of glass,
conversing, unfortunately, about nothing.
About this gathering, there was nothing sane.
Only young women display sartorial elegance.
I suspect they were all playing the waiting game.
Perhaps searching for that special someone
to nudge them out of their fragmented dreams.

It was Friday.
A crispy cold, sunny afternoon
They were all drinking cafe lattes

The poems in The Mole IV: The Possessor are vivid and rich in imagery, making readers feel as though they are seeing the world through the poet's eyes. The collection is a must-read for anyone interested in poetry, love, or the human experience. Ron Raye's words are direct and unapologetically honest, providing a distinctive and provocative viewpoint on these themes.
Overall, The Mole IV: Possessor is a rare window into the mind of a truly gifted poet and is a must-read. I recommend the book to fans of poetry. But no matter if you like poetry or not, this collection is worth reading because it is enjoyable and thought-provoking.

                                                  Literary Titan