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The Mole Vol V: Spare Part

Ron Raye

October 2023 9798987266960

266 pages

These verses are about a man trying to find his place in the world and how he prospers by destroying others and even the ones he loves. He sets up a dichotomy that pretends to be good versus evil, and we disseminate these two opposites through the voice of the God he creates. Man views him as the Supreme Being and believes He is the only way to acquire redemption.
The unknown entity, Willem, is still at large. Priest spotted him on a trawler battling through choppy waters on the Bosphorus Straits heading into Instanbul.
The author spreads his net far in this volume. He deals with several subjects, including love, betrayal, the haunting nature of death, and man's consciousness. 

Love for us never ends.
It stretches into infinity.
Perhaps, at some point, it bends,
picking up on present trends.

I have a pocket for each season
with you and all your moods
I give to each season. But
Those depressing episodes I exclude.

I follow you everywhere.
I try to protect you with a shield
made from anti-despair dust.
If you succumb, I am on your heels.

I won't let you fall.
Not on this slippery pavement
where evening answers the call
of prevailing sin.

I stand at the threshold
where you begin your slow decline.
I won't let it take you today,
despair, I mean. The strength I'll find

To burn that devil.
He wishes to wipe your memory with a dirty rub.
He's only interested in dirty thrills.
He's a master of the macabre.

His imagery and unusual line rhythms create an experience that will delight some and frustrate others. Still, his tendency to set poems in interior, emotional landscapes, and literal, geographical ones keeps things lively.

                                                  Kirkus Review

This poet is capable of wonderfully sensuous imagery and prosody...

                                                     Blueink Review