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The Mole Vol XII: Mask

Ron Raye

March 2024 9798989706501

PP 243

Mask is a collection of poems dealing with the mask all men wear throughout their lives. They are taught to be something other than themselves. The poet battles to strip himself of this mask or pretense if you will. He finds it difficult to keep his sanity by immersing himself in the physical world and all its iniquities.
He hides what he truly is: a monster waiting to be awakened. We are the death of life and continue to throw chaos in the heart of wherever harmony flourishes.

We are still determining what it is. Perhaps a flaw.
It's a curse that cannot be reversed.
It evolves and changes with time.

In it, there is no rhythm, no rhyme.
It's every man's fate.
This is not an illness you can medicate.

You can't see it in others.
But they can see it in you.
Again, we are still determining what it is.

We need to find out its origin.
But it is patterned across your genes.
It's a complicated dream.

That you cannot unravel.
Perhaps the curse of life that
takes us to the grave.

The poet is capable of wonderfully sensuous imagery and prosody...

                                       Blueink Review

Ron Raye creates poems that are like stories. Each line is a story of its own and will evoke deep emotions in the reader. I had to read some lines twice to better understand the message he tries to convey. Each line is expertly crafted.

                                                Literary Titan