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The Mole Vol XIV

Ron Raye

March 2024 9798989706525

pp 289

These monologues are records of the dead who have been victims of the many massacres carried out by the Hagenah, the Zionist paramilitary organization in British Mandatory Palestine, established in 1920, then dissolved in 1948, and integrated into the Israeli Defense Force after Israel declaration of independence or rather the invasion of Palestine, followed many massacres of the indigenous people beginning with the 1948 nakba where approximately 800,000 Palestinians were expelled from their land and experienced many roadblocks in trying to return home despite United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194 (III).
The dead now lay in martyrdom. In this second book, they continue to tell of the horrors that took place during the various massacres. These voices reveal memories of love, hope, despair, frustration, a fight, and passion for life that resonate with everyone.

You bulldozed my door
at the blood of dawn
while my children lay asleep on the floor.

You crushed my children's dreams
and forced them into the wilderness.
But, at some point, Allah will intervene,

And you will feel the total weight of his wrath.
You'll have to give an account of your game.
At some point, you'll drink your broth.

Once we sheltered them from the ugly
and sinister scourge of Europe
who drove them to the brink of collapse.

You, the colonizer, pierced my heart
with a poisoned spear.
I am a victim displaced.

Raye's closing reflections resonate with a universal message about the inherent destructiveness of war and the imperative to pursue peace. Based on historical events, specifically the Tantura Massacre, these poems are not just a recounting of history but a call ton remember and learn from it. Raye's skillful storytelling and vivid imagery transport readers into the heart of the historical moment. Encouraging empathy and reflection. This emotional resonance is a testament to the poet's unique ability to blend historical detail with the nuanced portrayal of human experiences, creating an engaging and immersive narrative.